Casino Rama

Casino Rama is located on the eastern area of Lake Couchiching, 12 kilometres out of Downtown Orillia, Ontario Canada. Casino Rama is actually open 24 hours daily, Seven days a week, 365 days a year. Casino Rama is a 95, 000 square foot casino which houses 2, 300 slots, 120 table games, 9 dining places and 289 hotel rooms free slot machines.

This marvelous structure of Casino Rama is founded on the Ontarios First Nations people culture as well as traditions. First Nations are renowned for their oneness as well as cooperation. Tradition demonstrated that they have bonded with each other to achieve the objectives they have set. Casino Rama is founded on that principle. Teamwork is definitely enormously stressed inside Casino Rama.

Casino Rama is designed to offer visitors with all the exciting amusement and quality support they need through teamwork among the staffs. Group spirit or perhaps oneness is the moving power powering the staffs and managements desired goals as well as undertakings. Casino Rama is founded around the vision to be the actual “Best of the Best” with regards to providing a great entertainment facility within Canada. These objectives are pursued at the same time to promote social integrity and tranquility among all of the staffs of Casino Rama. Which in turn, is expected to translate to excellent service to customers and players of Casino Rama.

Casino Rama is designed to deal with a huge number of visitors in a day. Three restaurants operate within the main casino building. Casino Rama has got the silver Nightingale Lounge that offers nightly enjoyment. Apart from car parking spaces for 2, 000 cars on site an additional substantial satellite car parking is actually offered with regard to guests and players.

Casino Rama table games has a grand total of 120 tables. Of those 120 gaming tables provided by Casino Rama, 3 are intended for baccarat, 51 for blackjack, 12 for Caribbean stud poker, 4 for craps, 6 intended for Let-it-Ride, 9 for Mini-baccarat, 7 just for Pai Gow poker, 3 meant for Pai gow tiles, 10 tables for poker, 2 designed for Sic Bo and many tables just for roulette as well as Spanish 21. Some other gaming alternatives include bingo as well as midibac. Dining establishments at Casino Rama offer breakfast, lunch and also dinner to guests. Casino Rama has a wide selection of buffet, Catonese, Italian, steak restaurants. Casino Rama also includes entertainment locations as well as shops to supply other entertainment options to help guests poker.

When you happen to go to Ontario Canada, dont neglect to visit Casino Rama. Casino Rama warm staffs and outstanding services will provide you with one gaming experience that you will always treasure.