Clay-based Poker Chips and it is Nature

When playing online poker, the presence of the poker chips is very important. It is noted that you cannot play a online poker without having poker chips. As such, the poker chips really served a vital role for the success of the poker online game.

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So these days, I will be particularly dealing with the actual clay poker chips. So what then is really a clay poker chips? Are clay poker chips truly made of clay? For your information, the clay poker chips are in fact a kind of poker chips which are not exactly made of clay. According to some investigation, the clay-based online poker chips tend to be originally may have been clay, but going back 75 years or so, the clay poker chips, as it is known today, have been a composition of materials that are heavier and more durable than clay. Aside from that, the real clay poker chips are generally molded under severe pressure and temperature, that’s 10, 000 lbs PSI as well as 300F. poker list of what beats what

To completely enhance your own interest about the clay poker chips, it is noted how the clay poker chips are not unbreakable. Clay poker chips are said to be tough and durable under normal playing conditions, nevertheless, the rough handling of the clay poker chips can cause harm. This reality about the clay poker chips is also true with the plastic poker chips.

Should you will ask if the clay poker chips tend to be washable, the solution to that particular query is no. This is fro the reason that you cannot put clay-based poker chips in he dish washer, clothes washing machine or pail of water to soak. Why? It will certainly destroy the clay poker chips. Therefore be careful. However if you need to clean any clay-based poker chips, just note that the cleaning should be carried out one chip at a time. For better cleansing, you use a soft fine brush, in which toothbrush works well, and a tiny bit of moderate detergent in water. The brush in this sense will be used to apply a tiny bit of solution to the clay poker chips, and if done, you can dry the actual clay poker chips at once with a soft fabric. As simple as that!

For great function of the clay online poker chips, you should consider that the clay poker chips must be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. And when you are traveling with the clay poker chips, never leave them in a locked car on a hot day. This is because the actual temperature ranges in the locked car can reach 150 degrees or more as well as these temperature conditions may harm your clay-based online poker chips.

Therefore today, the actual clay poker chips are the most preferred kind of poker chip since the clay poker chips tend to be dealt with more easily than plastic chips and they are not slippery, which is a big advantage to casinos.